Our mission is to empower the corporate world with
the best applications for the new wearable devices

Development and laboratory applications for wearable devices, consulting and advisory services for clients who want to exploit to the fullest and be innovative in the use of these devices in their respective sectors. Active collaboration with all developers interested in Google Glass™. Sponsorship and organization of events for and to developers (DevFest, hackatons, etc.).


Development and implementation of solutions based on wearable technologies


Consulting, advising, and integration of wearable technologies in your business.


Analysis and development of Glassware solutions for your business.


Development and integration of new wearable technologies.


The premier closed captioning tool in the open source world, CCExtractor,is developed and maintained by one Scalar Drone's founders. CCExtractor is used by Fortune 500 companies, universities and research labs around the world. We are applying all the expertise learned during CCExtractor's development to ground breaking applications.


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Ander Martínez

Ander Martínez

- Co-founder -

Glass Explorer, involved in the development and integration of mobile technology in the last 13 years companies sector.

Carlos Fernández

Carlos Fernández

- Co-founder -

Member of various Open Source communities, Carlos specializes in integration between mobile-phones, PDAs, tablets- and large corporate environments as SAP.

Andreu Ibáñez

Andreu Ibáñez

- Project Manager -

Andreu Ibanez has over 25 years experience in the field of Information Technology. Currently devotes much of his time to Google technologies, especially Glass.

Jose Miguel Martinez Luengo

Jose Miguel Martínez

- Expert Developer -

Passionate about technology with extensive experience in the sector, is currently focused on developing applications for Glass and wearable devices.

Laura Jerez

Laura Jerez

- Marketing Specialist -

Laura coordinates our marketing activities and market research in Europe to make sure that we always know what our clients need to be more productive and to deliver it to them.

Candela Fernandez

Candela Fernández

- ScalarDrone -

Candela is a member of communities as Google City Experts. In Mundoglass is responsible for demonstrations technology users and search for opportunities in communities of not corporate users.

Ana Gonzalez

Ana María González

- ScalarDrone -

Ana is an expert in the application of new technologies in the field of education and training.


Creative, innovative, practical. Our products define us.

  • Health

    Integration and wearables digital health solutions.

  • Industry

    Wearables and modernization of the industrial sector.

  • Education

    Integration of Google Glass and wearables as a tool to trainer and student.

  • Tourism

    Platform for indoor and outdoor geo-located contents for tourism.

  • Entertainment

    MultiCamSync: A new way to share your entertainment with yours.

  • Logistics

    Integration with ERP solutions and wearables in logistics.


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